South Africa

Rhiza is active in South Africa within the townships of Johannesburg and Cape Town. We have three programmes there which are linked and contribute to the progress and sustainability of the communities. The programmes are aimed at nursery education, education of youths and basic medical care for children and young parents.

Preferably, people in the townships provide for their families and themselves without external (financial) support. In order to achieve that, the situation of massive juvenile unemployment, limited access to decent nursery schooling and lack of available basic healthcare needs to be improved.

Diepsloot and Orange Farm in Johannesburg and Fisantekraal in Cape Town are the three townships Rhiza's work in South Africa focuses on.


Prime Minister Geert Albert Bourgeois visits Mobile Clinic

Today the Prime Minister of Flanders, Geert Albert Bourgeois, visited the Mobile Clinic in Diepsloot, accompanied by a delegation on trade mission in South Africa.

We are very proud and honoured by this special visit. Pictured is Mr Bourgeoius with Alef. Alef, Rush and other personnel informed the visitors about the care and advice the clinic offers, as well as its aims.


Official opening Community Life Center in Diepsloot Johannesburg

Rhiza Babuyile and Philips, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, today have opened the Mini Community Life Center in Diepsloot, a care center for health and well-being. Good health is the key to a functioning community. Rhiza Babuyile is very happy with the launch and the cooperation with Philips and the Ambassy. We look forward to provide care and advise to the people in Diepsloot.

First Buzz 4 Eve sessions have been a success

Johannesburg. Director of Rhiza Babuyile, Alef Meulenberg is judging, together with the Ambassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Experian the business pitches of the contestants in the Buzz 4 Eve session. The winning pitch was done by Purple Pages, and they won a significant contribition. Big congratulations, Purple Pages!

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Buzz 4 Eve launch in Diepsloot

For female entrepreneurs in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, Rhiza Babuyile organises an event on Thursday June 29th in the Jozi Business Hub.

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IT students volunteer at Sinekhaya preschool

Johannesburg. The I.T students at the Diepsloot Skills Development Centre volunteered to give their time to children at Sinekhaya pre-school. They helped out with cleaning, helping teachers with art activities, taking care of the children, and doing other chores.
"Where I come from we were taught how to share and give our time to others as much as we could because not everything is about money, but giving time means a lot to other people. It was a good experience, we had fun and cleaned the place very well," said one of the students, Phuluso Muronga.

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